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Six Societies I'm Joining at Freshers Fair!

Grace's student life was basically societies, so check out the ones she's definitly joining this year!

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1. LGBT+ (Cambridge)

I used to run the LGBT+ society with a few of my friends and now I have some friends running it this year! I made loads of friends and used it as everything from a support group to a sounding board.

Here at the LGBT+ Society we stand for diversity, equality, and most of all fun!! We strive to make a warm and welcoming society, where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves; a safe place for people to feel free from judgement. Whether you’re from an LGBT+ background or not, we welcome everyone and want to support all students.

We have a busy social calendar, packed full of fun events!! From our weekly meet ups, to trips and collaborating with other societies, there is never a dull moment with the LGBT+ Society.”

First event: There’s a meet up on the 22nd September, LAB Courtyard Welcome Tent, 6-7pm.

Membership: £3.60

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2. Space, Amatur Radio and Astronomy Society (SARAS) (Chelmsford)

I’ll be honest, I literally just think this sounds like a really cool thing to be able to do. Opportunities like these don’t come up often and you don’t know when you’ll need it!

We are offering you the chance to become qualified to monitor, pass and receive radio communications on behalf of the emergency services, such as the ambulance service.

Communicate into the outer reaches of space, using space amateur space satellites, the International Space Station and the Surrey Space Centre. View the impact of the Northern Lights, giant solar flares from the sun, and the surface of planets obscured by dust clouds and storms.

Trips to the Surrey Space Centre will be available to those who are interested in learning more about amateur radio use in space.”

Membership: £3.60 minimum, still not 100% but they can tell you at Freshers!

Find them here:

3. ARU Sign Language Society (Cambridge)

I knew a little bit of sign language before I started uni but mostly how to fingerspell and some of the animals. I’ve always wanted to learn more so this society is PERFECT.

Classes will run fortnightly for 2 hours by an external BSL teacher. Confirmation of classes with be posted following Freshers Fair where forms will be available for you to express your interest in the club!

We will run informal socials on the weeks we do not have classes which are FREE and a great chance for friendships to blossom and for you to practice your sign language skills.”

Membership: Membership is £4 per year which allows you in classes for a reduced price: £2.50 for members and £3.50 for non-members.

Find them here:

4. Alpine Society (Chelmsford)

I’m from Sunderland (up in the north of England, next to Newcastle) so it was pretty easy to get to the Lake District where I did lots of climbing with my family, particularly my dad. I haven’t done any for years because I was “too cool” as a teenager. I’m so ready to get back into it!

We'll arrange weekend trips during the year and travel out to to mountain huts from where we can set out on our journeys (doing as much or as little as we feel) with professional climbers and mountaineers for support, with activities ranging from scrambling to relaxed walks to sponsored climbs (for serious climbers) to yoga (with none other than the ARU Yoga club)!

We'll also hold regular events where we'll get to hear fascinating stories from all manner of adventurers, learn about key hiking/climbing skills, and learn about safety in the hills from those with experience to share. We'll hold orienteering and navigational skills sessions locally too!

Membership: £3.60

Find them here:

5. ARU Student Action for Refugees (STAR) (Cambridge)

We are all responsible for making the world the best place it can be for everyone. Who are we if we shut out those who flee from war and terror and treat them as if they were the same as those who endangered them in the first place? I’m proud to support groups like STAR that want to make our country a better place.

As a new generation it is vital that students have a positive attitude towards refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people. Students have time, energy and enthusiasm to give to supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

We can make a difference by educating people about refugees, meeting and welcoming refugees to their communities, and campaigning to improve the lives of refugees in the UK.

Membership: £4.50

Find them here:

6. Mental Health Awareness (Chelmsford)

Ending the stigma against mental health problems is so important, I’m glad we have a society that wants to focus on this!

The Mental Health Awareness society intends to host a range of events, from coffee mornings to social evenings to fundraising campaigns, for various Mental Health Charities. We hope to have guest speakers in to improve your knowledge of mental health and ask any burning questions.”

Membership: £3.60

Find them here:


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