LGBTQ+ Society - Cambridge


Hello everyone and welcome. 

We realize that there are times of uncertainty right now, but we're not going to let that stop us from building a community here at ARU. We will continue to adapt to new regulations for your safety. 

Our committee has been working to get to know each other this summer so we can do our part in starting a positive environment for you to enjoy. We above all, want you to have a place where you feel safe being and exploring yourself. 

We plan to:

  • Run social events when we can. 
  • Movie nights, either on campus or online.
  • Organize group nights when able.
  • Work and educate faculty on the LGBTQIA community. 
  • Work on awareness with the student body. 
  • Talk about consent and sexuality. 
  • Expand knowledge for more unknown identities.
  • Run awareness weeks.
  • Talk about the stigmas, so we can break them.
  • Be a positive place. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our E-Mail or social media. 


We recognize not everyone is out yet and that is okay. If you're still struggling with your identity or are unsure, this is still absolutly the place for you. Merika, Our social media manager is happy to post any questions, writing, or words on your behalf on social media. You can follow along or ask for the responses from her. 

We recognize that we have straight allies and we would welcome you to help us in supporting the community, just as you do daily. 


We have a zero tolorance for bullying; it's absolutely unacceptable. 



No elections are currently running


We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!


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