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Six Months as an Officer

Your VP Science and Technology gives an update, half way into her term as an Officer.

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Laura is your Vice President Science and Technology, here's her update on what's been achieved within six months of being in Office.


Hi everyone! It’s me again, back at you with another update.


Now that we’re approaching the winter holidays, it means that me — and your other Officers — are now six months (halfway) into our term in office. Talk about time flying, right?


Since the last update I put up (which was about two and a half months ago now, for our 100th day in office), I have to say — I feel like I’m way better at my job than I used to be. I’m more confident speaking up in meetings now, for sure. My projects have been getting easier and easier to plan. The routine of 9-5 work is settled, and there are so many things I’m proud of having been part of the Let’s Be Honest report launch, helping get extensions when assignment guidelines weren’t clear, supporting our Campaign Reps, submitting policy to council… the list goes on and on!


Don’t get me wrong — the job is still tough, but it’s getting better as days go by. Things happen faster, and we do things better with practice. If you think it’s something you want to know more about or might be interested in – feel free to send me an email or a direct message about running in the elections in March!


When the New Year rolls around, I’m really excited about everything that the team and I have going on – I’m running my LGBT+ History Month events in February, stage two (recipe trials) of Johanna’s food campaign will be starting, Eliza has her cultural Give-It-A-Go’s, Kirran’s part-time job fair is happening, and Jamie’s project on the SU and retention looks like it’s moving in a great direction and I’m really excited to see how it proceeds.


I hope you all have a great break. Make sure you take some time to practice some self-care (you can find some tips here) and I wish you all the best for any January assessments you have! If you don’t have any, then enjoy your extended break from uni!


Marco Patti
10:08pm on 21 Dec 17 Hey Laura, CIAO it is Marco Patti here from ARU London. We will see in Cambridge for the Mental Health First Aid Course. I have spoke with Megan, when I was in London Campus and also with the Academic Director of London. I have proposed an idea, that is a project LGBTQ, where Megan and me we are working on promotions ideas, plus London Friend and Turning Point are interested to join me. I am also doing a course as Peer Mentoring for SASH by Turning Point and Metro (Vauxhall). Anyway I am please you to introduce you High & Healthy UK or H&H UK Ltd. Please read below. LGBT society behave and manage problem using the combo Drugs and Sex, commons CSD, arriving to mutate a rarity fun act in a fully Drugs-Sex dependency so to mask with a non- sense activity a inner-depression, inner-worries, inner-general disorder using. The human when get in contact with knolodges tend to prevent to lose the control, exposure the subject to education help to improve his mentality and social-recovery condition creating those lost connection of life, giving a comfortable space where his personal way, thanks mindfulness exercise to remove all those barriers and life boundaries, with the body detoxing in collaboration with gay saunas, where patients they will use the sauna for it purpose, founding the room, normally used for sex, open as changing room, and fully monitored for security, a medical & health area, where to do blood test or counseling advice + medical room for emergency. Ludic and scholarship events, classes with professionals so to achieve a graduation that will take 3 months of deep focus and learning development, with the achievement of a reckonings qualification to be able to provide help to the next bench of patients: 1. BSc INT. High & Healthy 2. PhD INT. High & Healthy 3. Doctorate INT. High & Healthy – Equivalent of a CPD. It is ‘rationally’ creating a new connection of choice, opportunity and freedoms. It believes that thanks a strong and continue approach on our patients, with 3 month of Re- EduHabilitation we prevent the spending money in aggressive treatment and lost of attention from any drug user, increasing the need of social life, monitoring the withdraw and we absolutely suggest that after the 3 months, is obligatory a GP check on mental issue to provide a actual 1 year of medical support, where the patient will be more responsible and conscious of it, instead to loose money on manipulation the patient with the almost 85% of chance in losing him, because a disorder that become a invisible ‘life-duvet’. It has been done a Behave Disorder (BD) or Personal Disorder (PD) research in 2016 with 3 agreed subject of study which are a girl (20/30), a man (20/30) and a children (5/15) where we have been into personal and not, disorder from different introspective and not, that mutate in socio behave disorder native from exemplar like bipolar, borderline etc. plus a correlated study from work areas and family areas; I hope you enjoyed it. I have just applied for few position here, I would love to become a REP haha. Anyway if need any information do not hesitate to contact me, below my details: Marco Patti 07446024229 Regards Ciao Ciao :)
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