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Top 15 self-care tips

We want to share some tips on how you can look after yourself at uni.

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Uni can be very busy, but we want to remind you to look after yourself! Here are our top tips on how to care for yourself.


1. Get out of that room!




If it’s coming up to deadline season, it’s easy to fall into the trap of staying in your room, all day, by yourself. But believe it or not, looking at the same four walls for 24 hours straight is not good for your health. Get outside, even if it’s just for a five minute walk around the block. The fresh air will do you the world of good, and change your attitude completely. Sometimes getting outside is exactly what you need to get over a mental block.


2. Do a mini workout




We get it, who has time for a two hour gym sesh when there is exam revision to do? But exercise is still important. Every hour or so, try and get up and move around, whether you feel like running, jumping, or whether it’s to throw your books out of the window (no, don’t do that!), move your body. The endorphins will make you feel much better. And give you a more positive outlook. Check out our de-stress project for other ways you can unwind.


3. Dance!




Leading on from the previous point, dance dance dance! Moving is good for you, and moving to music is even better. Listening to great music puts you in a better mood, and dancing is great fun. Even if you can’t dance, do it where no one’s watching.


4. Look at cute pictures


With the massive incoming of cat gifs, like this one…




This one…




And this one…




It’s easy to get carried away looking at cute pictures. But they’re an instant mood booster, and a great distraction from the stresses of student life.


5. Eat the right stuff




It’s so important to watch what goes into your body. When you’re busy with exams, it’s easy to fall into getting takeaways every night, and eating junk food. But if you prepare your meals in advance and freeze them, it’s basically a microwave meal. And if you cut up some fruit and leave it in easy reach, it’s just as easy as opening a bag of crisps.


6. Make time to see your friends




When you are swamped with coursework and revision, you don’t always have time to see your friends. But make time - being social is so important to your mental health! You’ll also be helping them, too! Even if you meet just to study again – having a friend with you makes all the difference.


7. Declutter your study and living area




Having a more organised work space can help you to de-stress. Research has shown that a cluttered space has an effect on our mental health. You’ll be more productive when it comes to your uni work.


8. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep




Sleep is so important to your mental health. If you don’t get enough, it can not only make you really grouchy, but can affect depression and anxiety levels, as well as impact other physical and mental illnesses. If you ever needed an excuse to lay in, here it is! (But no sleeping through lectures!)


9. Pamper yourself




Whether it’s a night full of face masks and manicures, or getting a massage, or a new haircut, you’ve earned a good pamper session. Make yourself feel good by loving the skin you’re in!


10. Have a movie night




Sometimes you just need to have a day off. Watching all your favourite movies is a great way to unwind and relax. Get snuggled down, and start the Harry Potter fest!


11. Keep a journal




This is a great way to get all your thoughts and feelings down. Write it all down – the act of getting it out is extremely therapeutic. Even if it seems silly, give it a go. You’ll be surprised how well it works.


12. Take up a new (or old and forgotten) hobby




It’s always good to have something to do that isn’t studying. Whether it’s a sport, or painting, or playing an instrument, find something to do that is unrelated to your course.


13. Unplug from technology




Technology in itself can be stressful. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes, try and abstain from using technology – your phone, laptop, and TV. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated!


14. Go on a day trip




Even if you just stay in your university city, go out for the day. Find a new restaurant, or a quirky shop. Explore, and find new things. Look at the world around you.


15. Help someone else




Helping someone else can be so beneficial to your mental health. Passing on help and advice makes you feel good. Give someone a compliment, or even show them this post! Whatever it is you do, you’ll feel like you’ve made a difference.


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