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Should I drop out of uni?

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During the first year of uni, normally the first 4 weeks, many students find it difficult to cope with their new life. Most of us understand it, because we were in that position and some of us are still studying.

From undergraduate to postgraduate, there're many different reasons of why students quit at the beginning or middle of their academic year:

  1. Your course is not what you expected
  2. You are struggling with the deadline assessments
  3. Feeling lonely and struggling with depression, anxiety, stress or cannot sleep
  4. Personal or family problems going on
  5. You don’t know how to manage time or agenda between full-time studying and part-time working
  6. Hard to find concentration and your place around uni life
  7. You need more free time, but you don’t know how to arrange that
  8. You miss your home, family and friends. You cannot cope with the student life anymore.


These are just a few common things that happen during the first few months or academic year to most of the students. Most of us through for that period of time and struggle along the way, but also our advice would be not to drop out of uni.

You will ask why so here’s a few reasons and some advice to all those questions.

  1. If you are disappointed with a module or something regarding your course, speak with your tutor. Giving tutors feedback is important. Contact your course Rep, the head of the department of your course regarding your concerns about the course and your expectations before and after you start your studies.
  2. If you’re having any kind of problem or difficulties, consult the university advisers. The University have advisers that can help you in what you’re struggling with. Don’t keep it to yourself if you feel it’s dragging you down. The very truth of it is (and for almost everything in life) “There’s always light at the end of the tunnel”. If you have a problem with the University, the Students’ Union have advisers who are separate from the university who give non-judgemental support to help you.
  3. If you are not satisfied with your course, you can always ask and consult tutors and faculty advisers about whether you can change it or what would more suitable for you. Your Course Group Leader will be able to help you think through any academic concerns.
  4. If you are thinking of taking a break in between years, think clearly before doing it and if you really need it. Yes, sometimes the undergraduate 3 years or 2 postgraduate years can be overwhelming, but you have the option of part-time. It would take more time, but it might be more suitable for you.
  5. It’s always very tempting to leave the new university life and go back home, where we know it’s safe. It’s normal to miss home, family and close friends, they miss you too, but remember they want the best for you! They want to see you happy and succeed in your goals in life. They always will be there for you, doesn’t matter the distance or anything. 
  6. If you want to take a break from 4 days to go home or a mini-holiday to breathe, do it, but always keep your goals, projects and positive things when getting back to uni in mind. You will have them waiting for you with a smile and open arms, same as your friends there.
  7. In your free time, explore the city you are living in during your academic year. Sometimes you will find the perfect secret spot for you!
  8. If you find it hard to keep concentration for any reason, don’t keep it for yourself. It’s understandable you don’t want to bother anyone, but you are not alone in the struggle. We are all humans and everyone at some point needs some support, help and a branch of positivity to keep going. All that is good!


On top of all that, it’s very important always to surround yourself with the correct people and be honest with yourself in anything you are going through. Above all that, whatever it happens in the future, you will have a career and for sure something you always will be proud of. Choose what YOU want/love to do, not what others expect from you.


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