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Representing you on Timetabling Pt. 2

We have continued working on the timetabling issue students have been facing, Check out the update here.

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Avinash, Students' Union President and Omkar, Vice-President Business and Law, with a megaphone

Last week, we posted an article on the timetabling issues that you have been facing and would like to update you on what we have been doing as your elected officers to represent you. We know that, from speaking to so many of you, the frustration and confusion you have experienced due to lack of clear information on timetabling and poor communication.


We have since met with the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellors and had requested that a formal apology be issued to the students directly affected by the circumstances. We have also requested that all timetabling issues are resolved by 5pm on Friday 25th September.


We can very pleased that an apology to students has now been sent out by the University. In particular, a heartfelt apology from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Education was personally sent to students on courses with the Business & Law faculty who still had timetabling issues.


 "As a University, we are aware that there have been issues with delayed timetabling for students across the Faculty of Business and Law, for which I would like to offer my heartfelt apologies/sincere apologies.”- Prof. Aletta Norval DVC Education 


Timeline of Events

  • We requested an apology from the university for students and for the timetabling issue to be resolved by the 25th September at 5pm.  
  • We met with the university Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice-chancellor and several members of faculty staff to represent student voice on this matter. 
  • We succeeded in getting the university to accept the deadline and provide an apology to students. 


Please keep telling us what’s going on in your course, we will continue to represent students to the university throughout our time as your elected officers. 


Your Officer Team,


Avinash Miriyam, President 

Riya Gadhavi, Vice President HEMS 

Fatima Lakhani, Vice President AHSS 

Omkar Singh, Vice President FBL 

Emily Long, Vice President FSE 



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