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Rep of the Month Winner - Cambridge!

Our Rep of the Month Winner for December 2017 in Cambridge is Rebecca Page-Wright! Becca is a 3rd Year Rep for the BA History Course and has shown tremendous dedication to helping out her fellow students on her course.

Her main duty is to act as the student voice between her faculty and the administration of the university and listen to students' thoughts on how to make their journey through university (and their course!) better.

“It benefits us as students, as we can help to change and improve the course to make it as good as possible, but also helps the lecturers as they know what they are doing well and what they could improve.”

“I have really enjoyed going to the meetings and being able to express my own opinions, as well as those of my fellow students. Because of this, I have learned how to present issues within a ‘council’ meeting format, and also I have learned the skills of talking in front of others I don’t know. I’ve also been able to build my skills in the management of issues, which will apply to a teaching role too.”

Becca has career aspirations of becoming a secondary school History teacher and for her, this volunteering role has helped build her confidence in public speaking, which links well with her becoming a teacher.

Toby Pallatt, who is a Representation Coordinater here at the SU and who nominated Becca for the role, has this to say;

“Becca has shown great dedication to helping out her fellow students and looking for ways to implement the change she is fighting for. Becca was extremely courageous at her recent FQESS meeting, a meeting that aims to improve the faculty. These meetings rarely have students talk with such clarity to members of senior staff whilst doing it with great tact in the presence of the Deputy Dean, whilst also getting the results she set out to achieve.”

This role has certainly shown that Becca is a capable individual and that she has blossomed within the role so far! Becca has shared her inspiration for being a Rep;

“My inspiration for this role is to be able to help students in my year, but also in the following years after us, to be able to achieve and experience the best things possible within the course. My favourite memory is definitely being elected! I was so thankful to my fellow students for voting me in!

“I love volunteering because I love helping people and trying to make their lives better!”

Well done on your win Becca, you’re doing outstanding work.


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