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Rep of the Month January 2018 - London!

Janette Tabanor is a 2nd Year Law study currently studying on our London campus and is a Rep for her course. She is the second student to have won on our London campus and we’re very proud to see our London students start to gain some recognition.

Janette’s main duties are to attend Students’ Union meetings to discuss issues or concerns that have been brought up by her course mates.

“My attendance to these meetings benefits not only myself but also the students of the university. It gives me a platform to ask questions on behalf of students who do not feel confident enough to ask those questions themselves, students benefit from receiving a varied outlook towards gaining resolutions.”

“I have enjoyed the feeling that I have helped students at the university and having student's stop me in the corridor thanking me for helping them is the best feeling ever! Being able to have students feel satisfied with the feedback I bring to them whether it was what they had hoped for or not is also a very good feeling.”

Janette aspires to work in Family Law and the role of the Student’s Union has helped her identify the qualities that she does have to be successful in this area. By being nominated for Rep of the Volunteer has given the further confirmation that she’s a suitable candidate for the advocacy position.

“I have learnt and continue to learn that it is not so important to speak up first, it can benefit me and leaves a greater impact by speaking last.”

“What inspires me?  When a student recommends me to another student as the person to go and speak to, to get help. That is a humbling and it inspires to do my best for that individual. I love volunteering because it's allowed me to forge some valuable relationship and it will provide me with the opportunity to liaise with all staff members of the university.”

“My favourite memory is picking out my Rep sweater. I thought it was a brilliant way of promoting the service and it’s a good sweater.”

Well done Janette, you’ve done a fantastic job so far! Keep up the good work.


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