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Rep of the Month January 2018 - Chelmsford!

Alice Lapthorn is a 1st year PhD student in Medical Science and our Rep of the Month Winner in Chelmsford for January 2018! She is the Postgraduate Research Rep (PGR) and is responsible for collating the views of her fellow FMS PGR students and bringing them to Faculty and University committees!

Alice’s duties also include;

“I aim to help bring about change in policies that affect PGR students, as well as, supporting any initiatives that the university/SU have that affect PGR students too.”

“My favourite part of being a PGR Rep is being able to sit on important committee meetings, which influence my Faculty's and the whole university's research strategy. Being able to bring forward student feedback is a massive part of ensuring that student voices are heard at all levels.”

Alice would love to stay in academia and research as a future career. For her, being able to sit on committees and decide upon strategies and policies that affect researchers.

“Being able to understand the decision making process that causes these strategies/policies to come about is really good experience.”

“I've never been the best public speaker, so taking on a role that requires me to communicate with a variety of people has definitely helped to gain confidence in this area. Especially when presenting ideas during committee meetings, it’ll certainly help with my aspirations!”

Rose Williamson, the Campaigns and Education Enhancement Coordinator, nominated Alice for this month’s Rep of the Month. She had this to say about the PGR Rep:

“Alice has demonstrated that she is willing to go above and beyond as a PGR Rep in Chelmsford. She is a member of Research Committee, but this month's meeting took place in Cambridge. Alice managed to not only read the briefing but also a huge number of the papers, and provide extensive written feedback for me to take to the meeting in her place. She provided suggestions for change AND praise for staff where research needs were already being met and proactively followed up to make sure that the student feedback she provided was being actioned.”

Alice believes that if you want something to change, you need to do something to get the ball rolling!

“I've always volunteered in roles where I have helped towards change and make things better for students/the public.”

“As cliché as it sounds, I love volunteering because you get to help people.”  


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