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Rep of the Month January 2018 - Cambridge!

Alex Mead is a 2nd year student on the FdA Public Service course and is our winner for Rep of the Month in Cambridge for January 2018. He is the Course Representative for his course and his duties include such things as communicating changes and ideas, gathering and reporting feedback and taking the lead on organising events.

“Such duties benefit others as I am the linchpin between my fellow students, and the Student's Union. However, my most important duty is student representation. This duty, without a doubt, is beneficial to others as representation ensures that my fellow students shall always have a public voice, which is vital when it comes to driving and instigating change.”

“From my position, I have enjoyed many things when volunteering with the Student's Union. Having said this, the thing that I have enjoyed the most has to be meeting other course representatives. As well as this, I have very much enjoyed meeting those who work for the Students' Union, and forming a strong relationship with an organisation that cares so much for students.”

Alex aims to pursue a career in Her Majesty’s Civil service or possibly the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a British diplomat. His role as a Rep within the Students’ Union has been able to develop and harness his current skill set whilst developing new roles.

“I have learnt many skills during my role, including communication, interpersonal, leadership, organisational, problem-solving, and time-management.”

“My role as a course representative has helped me to become a much more confident individual, and this is going to help me achieve my career aspirations.”

Alex’s favourite memory has been completing his course rep training at the beginning of the year as he managed to get 9/10 answers correct but only managed to finish in second place…

“This is very similar to what inspires me to volunteer, but I suppose the one thing I love about volunteering is making a difference to others.”

“I feel honoured and privileged that there are students and staff out there who value the work that I do as a course representative. It honestly makes me feel like I have made a difference, and I shall endeavour to keep making such a difference.”


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