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Rep of the Month Winner - Chelmsford!

Alexandra Stratford is a Community Volunteer and Rep and she is November’s Rep of the Month Winner! She’s studying the MSc Cyber Security in Chelmsford and has been a very positive role model for the other students in her class.

 “I have loved meeting other students and people, having interesting conversations and making new friends. My interpersonal skills have improved due to being able to speak to all types of different people.”

As a Rep, she has helped the students in her class have a voice so that positive changes are made. These include helping make her course better and making a difference within the university as a whole.

My favourite memory of being a Rep was when I attend the lecturer and student meetings as I enjoy getting my point across and making a difference within the university, helping it become a better place.”

As a Community Volunteer, Alex has been volunteering her time at the local canoe club to raise funds and has definitely given her some skills that she can use in the future.

“The role of volunteering and being a rep has helped me add transferable skills that hopefully my next employer will appreciate and see the value of. The community has encouraged me to volunteer, lots of fun events would never run if volunteers were not available and I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

“I love the fun that you have, the team work that is created and the achievement you feel afterwards.”

Alexandra has been a great addition to our Rep team and we hope that she continues to a fantastic job in the future!


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