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Rep of the Month Winner - Cambridge!

Zinnia is a second year Marine biology student and is our Rep of the Month winner in Cambridge! She has done a wonderful job so far of gathering student feedback about her course and their modules before relaying the feedback to the faculty staff. She has been doing this to resolve some issues and encourage the continuation of positive lecturing from the staff to hopefully encourage more people to get involved!

“I have really enjoyed making improvements to the course and getting changes made. For example, recently we have had some issues with a module. To solve this I gathered feedback and had meetings with the SU and with course leaders, my fellow reps and I managed to get an essay extension for the class!”

“From this role, I have been able to develop my communication skills, from gathering feedback to attending meetings with staff to get issues sorted. This has helped my public speaking skills to develop since I was making announcements during lectures. My literacy skills have also developed during the write up and presentation preparation of feedback for meeting like the SSLC.”

Laura Douds, the Vice President for Science and Technology had this to say about Zinnia;

“Zinnia is a real force to be reckoned with, having identified some real issues with a particular module with the trio of courses (Zoology, Animal Behaviour and Marine Biology). She was able to gather all the feedback her class told her, write it up in a clear, easy to understand way and used this to approach the other course reps and myself (Laura) and approached the course leader to get the issues sorted.”

“She was incredibly professional when presenting these issues, avoiding the easy trap of complaining without offering methods to solve the problems. The course leader and I were very impressed with how she handled the situation. In return, the students were granted a deadline extension for the coursework!”

Zinnia has career aspirations of going into further education, despite not be completely sure of the destination. She does, however, realise that the skills she’s developed through volunteering at the SU are transferable and are extremely useful wherever she ends up!

“I want to help students actively make changes to their course to improve their enjoyment of their degree and time at ARU. I enjoy developing my personal skills and making positive changes for example, my favourite memory was getting the essay extension as students are always relieved for the extra time.”

Well done on your wins, Zinnia! We hope you continue your hard work in the future too, no matter where you end up!



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