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A year in the life of a committee member

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One year in the life of a committee member: Ana-Maria Pitis (President of the Fasion Design Society - Cambridge)

The start of my journey as a committee member was pretty unpredictable. With the busy schedule of my course and university lectures, I never thought I would have the time to dedicate to extra curriculum activities such as running a society, but running a society is not as time consuming or stressful as you think. Since it’s something you are passionate about being in the society and help run it will be a way of relaxation and a fun time. You’ll be joining a group of committee members where you can discuss previous experiences, support each other and have the opportunity to work together in bringing a collective of societies within the same event.


As soon as you form the society and it gets approved you will have a committee training where you will learn everything there is about running a society. This is really helpful because you get to learn and understand different aspects that you might not be so familiar with, such as keeping track of the societies’ finances, social media presence, and administrational skills. You will have the chance to ask as many questions as you have and the societies coordinators will always be there to help you run the society to the best of your abilities.


Depending on the type of society you would like to run the first few meetings you would have would mostly likely be the committee members. You’ll be discussing plans for future events, fundraisers and way in which you could let people know your society has opened!
Meetings can be nerve racking especially if you are the one holding them, just remember everyone there has one thing in common – the interest of being in the society.


The society will have various chances for exposure, such as fresher’s fair, refreshers, event organisation where you can invite all ARU students to give it a go to anything your society might be holding.


The most important advice I can give for a successful, thriving society is to work together as a team, communicate with each other and be passionate about what you are doing!


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