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Omkar Singh VP, weekly update 26th Oct - 30th Oct

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Omkar Singh VP, Weekly update 26th Oct to 30th Oct

Employment team catch-up:

I met Employment services team from faculty business and law to understand the opportunities the university is providing to the students. We had a detailed discussion on employment services and career centre. I’m glad to announce that I will be hosting 3 live sessions to bring the university team and the students at one place. The details of the events to be announced soon

Plagiarism awareness campaign (PAC):

I’m currently working to get the concern stakeholders from the university i.e. from study skills, library, Director of studies and Students’ Union advice team on single page and then proceed with the campaign. The campaign will not be specific to business and law but to whole university

Class to class:

I’m working on increasing students’ engagement and involvement with the campaign. Hence, from next week I will be going for class to class pitching in both Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses

Mental health campaign:

Our officer team is working on mental health awareness and helping students’ to have better mental health. We as team have been working on to promote the importance of the same.



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