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Meet your new Officer Team

Our officers set the direction of the Students' Union, ensuring we are a truly student led organisation. They are the face of the SU and the voice of students across all of our campuses. Find out who was elected for 2021/22.

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We were delighted to announce the new Executive Team who will be running your Students' Union from July this year.

President - Cavya Antony

Cavya is a MSC Public Health student who is studying in Cambridge.

She arrived in the UK from India in January 2020, and has witnessed first-hand the struggles that international students have faced.

Her objectives for 2021/22 are:

  • Make students aware of events / extra-curricular activities / resources available at campus.
  • Give current students the opportunities to connect with alumni.
  • Extra-curricular online sessions.

Cavya really hopes that you will support her in everything she wants to achieve to improve Student Experience

Vice-President Arts, Humanities & Social Science - Sobin Sojan

Sobin is a business student who is studying on the Cambridge campus.

He feels the importance of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences is a part of our human culture and defines who we are as a person. It reminds us of what we can offer to our community beyond the scope of academics, help us learn more about each other, bond us as a social community and find out what we all have in common.

His objectives for 2021/22 are:

  • Fees reduction for the International students
  • Provide Digital Skill workshops for students
  • Increase student involvement with Student Union and University programmes

Vice-President Business & Law - Ashique Salim

Ashique is studying for an MSc in International Business and is a student on our Cambridge campus.

Ashique stands today as a mature and patient candidate that is willing to listen to the voices in the campus has remained unheard and to help them overcome their hurdles irrespective of national and international students pursuing a course at ARU.

His objectives for 2021/22 are:

  • Center for Academic and Professional Support
  • Access to cheaper accommodation and food
  • An insight into Business Guidance and Startup programs
  • Mental Health Awareness and Counseling sessions
  • Quick response team

Vice-President Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care - Divya Agarwal

Divya is an MBA student on our Cambridge campus.

Divya has demonstrated what is possible with her determination, drive and passion which has led to huge improvements for the residential services, staff-student communications and has helped solve numerous problems students faced especially during the pandemic.

Her objectives for 2021/22 are:

  • Take a lead on issues that affect our student body at ARU.
  • Ensure we have the BEST healthcare and education facility in the university and opportunities that are widely promoted.
  • Review our core issues and feedback to ensure it is clear what we do for you as YOUR Students’ Union and all students are aware of our services

Vice-President Science & Engineering - Kevin Joy

Kevin is an International Business Management student on our Cambridge campus.

Kevin aspires to set a new direction, bring about inspiring vision, and work hard until these visions become a reality. He believes that his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, coupled with his work experience in the sector, will prove invaluable in this role.

His objectives for 2021/22 are:

  • Set up Industrial visits to technological giants such as Amazon and Google
  • Financial support would be provided for the students that have been struck hard due to Covid-19 pandemic and provide them a safe space for their emotional wellbeing such as counselling.
  • Will be all ears to hear the problems that the students face in the university and work immensely hard to right the wrongs that have been done.


We wish our new full-time officer team the best of luck with they start as officers on July 1st.

Until then, our current officers will continue their fantastic work in supporting students across all of our campuses. You can take a look at their current campaigns and priorities here.



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