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Keeping Wednesday Afternoons Free!

Jamie and Iain signing the pledge

Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free


One of my priority campaigns this year was to get the university to jump on the national trend of keeping Wednesday afternoons free for all students.


Primarily ‘KWAF’ was used for students wishing to participate in BUCS sport. However, unions and universities around the country are adopting the idea that students should have a time in which they can focus on themselves; whether that be sporting activities, Students’ Union activities, coursework, family commitments.. as I’m sure you are all aware students are pretty busy so this allotted time is vital for us to be able to take some time for the things above.


I spent a big portion of the year submitting policy – which passes (thanks everyone) and trying to find out what policy the university already has in place. From this research I found out that Active Anglia has the structures and processes for all students who wish to compete in sport so adopting this method I decided to take the conversation to Iain Martin the Vice Chancellor.


The first conversation was really positive and Iain is a big advocate for extra-co-curricular activities. From this meeting the university sent me a HUGE spreadsheet of all courses which take place on Wednesday afternoons.. At first this was a little disheartening but the university thankfully broke this spreadsheet down for me and it turns out once you remove optional classes, placements, one off lecturer, etc. there were under 45 modules which take place on Wednesday afternoon which is fantastic.


I was given the option that we can either keep these classes where they are or have them moved into different timetabling slots. So I’m currently in the process of narrowing down those classes and emailing the reps to find out what you guys want!


So after all that I decided it was time to have a solid commitment from the university and union that they would endeavour to keep Wednesday afternoons free where applicable for all undergraduate students.


So in May, myself and Iain signed the brilliantly names ‘KWAF’ pledge to ensure that an annual review of our timetabling of lectures take place.


I’m really thankful to all the support I received from staff within the university and the students who pushed for this to happen.


I’m excited to be around to review this next year as your president!




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