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How you can use the Peter Taylor House student space during exam time

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We know how it is. Assignments are coming up, you feel a bit like this…




Well don’t worry because the Peter Taylor House student space is here to save the day!




Peter Taylor House is your Students’ Union run student space in Cambridge! Here’s how you can make use of it during this busy, busy time.


 Snack and drink all the caffeine



With a kettle and microwave in our student space kitchen, you can heat up some food and make yourself all the cuppas you want! Keep fuelled for your revision sessions.


 Bring your laptop!



We’ve got several plug points scattered round the student space so you can bring your laptop or tablet and keep it charged while you work.


Comfy seating perfect for reading!



We’ve even got cosy little nooks perfect for getting through that textbook chapter. Grab a bean bag and snuggle down with your revision notes and your books.


Booths and tables for group work



Bring your class mates down the student space, grab a table and get that group presentation done! Or work on those revision notes together to help each other.


A great place to relax



Your student space is a great place to hang out with your friends and chill out! It’s always good to have a bit of down time when you’re feeling stressed about exams and deadlines.


Check out our space, and good luck on your assignments - we believe in you! 


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