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How you can still get involved with ARU Students’ Union after the Elections

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You might be feeling a bit down or disappointed if you didn’t win in the Elections, or if you’ve been part of a campaign team and now feel an empty void. Perhaps even if you won you feel lost. The last couple of weeks has been a buzz of excitement and hard work, and it’s understandable that you suddenly feel empty, and that you have nothing to do.




But first of all, you should feel proud of yourself! If you stood for a position in the Elections, or was part of a campaign team, that is no easy feat, and you should give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.




It’s time to celebrate, even if you didn’t win! Think about all that you’ve learned, and what you’ve accomplished these last weeks. You’re awesome!




But now, it’s time to look at how you can still get involved with ARU Students’ Union.







There are always plenty of volunteering opportunities to get involved with. Most opportunities are ongoing, giving you a regular dose of those good vibes you’re craving. But if you’re stretched for time, there are always one-off volunteering opportunities, where you can help with events and campaigns. Volunteering is an amazing way to make a difference – nothing is more valuable that your time and enthusiasm. You could change someone’s life simply by volunteering for an hour or two a week. How cool is that?!






If you’re looking to fill that empty void you’re feeling, a society is a fantastic option. There are so many that you can join, and it’s a great way to meet people with the same passions and interests as you, as well as giving you time to engage with your hobby or interest. It’s always good to have an interest outside of university, it keeps you sane!




And if there isn’t a society you want to join, what about setting your own up? If you have a hobby you love or a passionate interest in something, chances are there are loads of other people who share it. So make that society happen! It’s super easy, and we can help you if you need some pointers – we love our ever expanding society community!






There are so many events going on that you can get involved in. Keep up to date on the Events Calendar so you know when there are events going on that you’re interested in, such as trips, Give it a Go events, and Student Nights.

Anglia Cup




ARU Students’ Union run an annual football tournament, which consists of teams from both current students and alumni. This year, it will be held on Coldham’s Common on Sunday 29th April. The cost for each team to enter is £75, but this is to cover basic costs. Make sure you get your paperwork in by Monday 23rd April at 5pm if this is something you’re interested in, or else you might miss out!

Global Week




Also, remember from 12th to 16th March is Global Week! This is a fantastic opportunity to shout about your country and culture, and to learn about other peoples’. There are so many events going on in Chelmsford and Cambridge, from fashion shows, to food sampling, dancing, and performances, as well as learning crafts and enjoying talks from international students. This is a free and interesting way to get involved with ARU Students’ Union.

SU Awards




Make your nominations by 16th March for the chance to attend the SU Awards, which this year will be held at the Manor of Groves. Tickets are £25, and include attendance to the awards, a three course meal, a cocktail on arrival and transport to and from the event. This is sure to be a fun evening full of celebration for our amazing clubs and societies, and our hardworking Reps and volunteers.


Look out for reopened nominations




Yes, that's right! You could be campaigning for another position soon. It’s worth looking at the results once they come out. It might be that for one or more positions, whether they’re full-time or part-time, that no one was actually elected. This might be due to a lack of votes for particular candidates, or it may be that no one nominated themselves for that position in the first place. Take a look, and see if you’d like to nominate yourself for these positions – all positions are equally important!


So how are you going to be getting involved? Let us know!




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