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How winning Rep Honours at the SU Awards 2019 felt

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Olu Onsanya, winner of Rep Honours at the SU Awards 2019, shares how it felt to win this award.


I was very surprised, or should I say flabbergasted, because I was not expecting it at all. It came to me as a surprise that people were watching me. I never knew. I was just going about doing what I love to do - helping and supporting people and giving back to my community. I felt honoured and appreciated too. Thank you!


This award has had a positive effect on me personally, to continue doing good and be more involved in my community, giving and doing the best I can. This award has proved to me that whatever you do, people are watching and taking records. Either good or bad. This award has also had a positive effect on me that communication or communicating is great. I say this because without communicating with the people I represent, I wouldn't have had this honours. Lastly, this award has had an effect on my family as my daughter said to me: "Mum, you've made so much impact within a short period of time, I am proud of you, well done!"


I would say, "come on board". The Union is one of the greatest thing that could happen to you on campus. It is a place were issues are heard, discussed and escalated, which brings about the desired change. It is a place full of support and encouragement, with good and helpful people to chat with. I will be doing more of this campaign to the neophytes in September, as a Welcome Buddy.


On this note, I will like to say a very big thank you to Rachel Wilkenson, the HEMS Representative Coordinator who has offered me so much support and encouragement. Additionally, I dedicate the awards to my Course mates / colleagues who have trusted me to represent them in all fronts.


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