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How to stay motivated in your second semester

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A new semester is starting and this could be the last one of your first, second or third (final) year for many, whether you’re doing a BA or a MA.


After the first semester, many make new goals after new year’s as part of their resolutions, but some drop their expectations or their level of activities.


1. Some realize after the release of their grades, they need to concentrate more in their modules and do less extra-curricular activities, but probably what most of the students need (doesn’t matter how organized you have been) is a well-organized agenda and to give priorities to certain things. This article is to give you tips on how to stay motivated and also please check this link.


2. Keep one day of your weekend off once or twice a month to explore a new place or just to take a break from your everyday routine. You can keep doing our campaign #30daysofselfcare from last semester (Click here to check some of the ideas).


3. Easter holidays this year will be almost at the end of this semester, where most people will be finishing their assessments and dissertations. Keep a list of motivations to have a balanced life this semester. Try something different and don’t let the stress overcome you.


4. There are loads of activities around ARU. Plus you can check out our Students’ Union events page to check what’s going on. There’s plenty of offers and activities that could interest you.


5. Societies are also an important part of our student community. You have plenty of them depending on your interests. Some of them also give opportunities in your field so you can get more practical experience for your career. If you don’t know where to find them, have a check here and select your campus (Cambridge or Chelmsford) so you can join the one that most interest you. You can pay the membership of these societies with your Books Plus card at the SU office.


6. Volunteering is a very important part of the student life and also for your CV. Some are difficult to understand how they can affect your career positively in the future, but most of our past and recent students that have been volunteers, or Reps for the SU, have improved a lot of their skills and got a part-time job with us while they are studying or with other departments of student life (during and after they’ve finished their courses). If you want to know more, you can approach the volunteering office and get some information. You can find opportunities regarding your career.


7. Creative Minds is for those that are artists in the different departments of our uni. You can join and contact other artists that are working on their projects.  (please click here to know more about it)


6. If you’re thinking of dropping out of uni, check this link before doing it. Come and speak with one of our advisors at the SU, they could help, listen and advise you with some of your doubts.


7. Have you thought about applying to be a Rep next year? Click here for more information about full time and part time representative roles If you need some advice about how to create your manifesto you can find it here .


8. We also have a TEDx event happening at ARU on 1st April. Join us to hear from people who want to share their ideas with you around the theme of Creative Minds . If you would like to participate in some of the positions available and be part of this, please contact SU volunteering office for more info.


9. If sports make you move, there’s a huge variety of offers in our ARU sports society  (click here) and our Gym. There’s also new activities hours only for women ( ).


There’s a lot to stay motivated for this semester, don’t lose the sight of your goals. Keep it calm, give priority to what is important to you and enjoy your time as an ARU student!


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