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How to enjoy uni as a commuting student

Here is how you can still enjoy the uni experience and get involved as a commuting student.

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You might think as a commuting student that you can’t possibly take part in Fresher’s Week – but you can! You might not be able to take part in as much as those who live near campus, but you can certainly get involved. And here’s how!


Find the best places to park


If you’re going to be driving, make sure you find somewhere you can park for a long period of time with as small a fee as possible. This will ensure that you can spend a whole day – possibly a night – in your university city without any problems.


Check the train times


Always know when the last train back home is – it wouldn’t be a good idea to miss it! If you’re spending the night in your university city, make sure you know when you can get the train back the next day as well.


Make friends


Having some great friends can also double as a place to stay when you want to attend night events – and they’ll be so down for that! What better way to develop your new found friendship? Order pizza, and make an event of it!

If you are a distance student, or studying completely online this year, we are also running a range of online events in Septemeber so keep an eye our for those too.


Check out the day time activities


You might not necessarily be able to attend the night time events. But that doesn’t mean that Fresher’s is a miss! Make sure you check out all the day time events that are being run as well on campus and online this September. Our full list of events will be available by the end of August.


Remember you’re not the only one


Loads of ARU students commute into campus, so don’t feel like you’re the only one. You might know someone from a similar place to you who you can commute with! Turn commuting into a positive aspect of your time here.


Did you know that as a commuting student, you may be eligible to apply for the Inclusivity Fund? If you have childcare, or caring responsibilities, or a disability means that travelling can be difficult, or even if you are a committee member, executive committee member, or Course Rep, you may be able to apply. If you have any questions, come and have a chat and we're more than happy to help. 


Safe travels in everyone!




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