Inclusion Fund

Inclusion Fund

We believe that all students have a different experience, and we want to ensure you get the best experience you possibly can in your unique position as a student at Anglia Ruskin. This is why we have created the Inclusion Fund . The fund's aim is to remove barriers to participation and engagement with Students’ Union activity for any students who may incur extra costs in order to take part.

The fund is for all ARU students to access and it is for helping students to engage with SU-led activities or for taking part in roles as volunteers with the SU, for example student representatives or society committee members 

This may include, for example, if you are a student representative and a parent and you need to pay for childcare to be able to attend an SSLC or a similar activity relating to your role. 

You can apply for this fund before or after you attend the event or activity. If you have already attended the event or activity, we can reimburse your expenses or if you are going to attend, we can cover the cost for you before you go. 



Who can apply for the Inclusion Fund?

  • All core ARU students across all of our campuses.
  • Society Committee members – e.g to attend monthly Clubs and Societies Forums, SU Awards and Group Chat or similar types of meetings.
  • Course Reps – covered for duration of Faculty forums, Student Staff Liaison Committees, Faculty Board, and or similar types of meetings.
  • Executive Committee members  covers the duration of the monthly three hour meetings of the Executive Committee, Group Chat or similar types of meetings and any other ‘official’ duties as reasonably expected as a member of the Executive Committee (e.g conferences, training etc).
  • Candidates for Full-time Executive Officer Election and Part-time Executive Committee PositionsThe Funding Committee will also consider help with childcare or caring expenses during the course of an election campaign, to enable a candidate with dependents at home to run a fair campaign against their opponents.


What can I use the Inclusion Fund for?


Two for one tickets




2 for 1 Tickets

The two-for-one ticket offer supports individuals to attend events and bring along their carer/helper without needing to buy an additional ticket. This offer can also be used by students who are parents or carers who would like to attend an event and bring along their child or a person they have caring responsibilities for. 

For example, if you are a single parent and want to attend a Give It a Go but would need to bring your child with you, you can apply to use this offer and you would get one ticket for free. 

This offer can be used for SU events such as SU Awards, Clubs and Societies ticketed events and activities and ticketed Give It a Go's. Please note that all 2 for 1 ticket requests are subject to availability of tickets and funds available.



The fund can be used to help with any extra travel costs you may have to pay to be able to attend SU activities or activities relating to your role as a student volunteer or as a member of a club or society. 

For example:

If you are a member of a society and have to take a taxi to a society event because the transport provided isn't accessible for you.

If you are a student representative and have to commute to campus on your day off to attend an SSLC or similar activity.

If you are a commuting student and you want to attend SU Awards but you live too far away to use the transport provided to get to the event.

This fund is subject to you being unable to take the transport provided and you will need to provide receipts/train tickets/fuel receipts as proof of travel. This does not include everyday travel costs which any individual would expect to pay, e.g. transport to get to university for lectures. 



The fund can also be used to help with cost of childcare needed for you to be able to attend and participate in meetings and events that are linked to your role as an elected student representative or society committee member. You will need to provide receipts for this and you would need to use a registered childminder to comply with legislation.


If you are thinking of applying for the Inclusion Fund but you're not sure whether what you are asking for is covered by the fund, please do still apply! 


How are funds allocated?


Payments from the Inclusivity Fund will be decided by a small panel consisting of the Advice Service Manager, the Student Activities Manager and an Executive Officer.

The right to appeal a decision made by the panel  will be dealt with by the Students' Union President with the support of the Chief Executive Officer. 

The panel’s role is to ensure that the fund is solely used to encourage engagement of students that identify with the following protected characteristics as stated in the Equality Act 2010: disability (not excluding mental health) and pregnancy and maternity; and also including students with caring responsibilities. Their role is to make a decision in cases where discretion is needed.

Our aim is to make clear the process for getting the support and adjustments available and outlining how the support and adjustments can help reduce any barriers to your participation. We also want to stress that all information will be treated confidentially.

We believe that students with disabilities must be actively involved in decisions regarding their support and adjustments to ensure that these are effective. Our mission is to ensure that your experience is the best it possibly can be, so if you have any comments or suggestions please send your thoughts to


Apply for the Inclusion Fund

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