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How to deal with being at home for Christmas when you have January deadlines

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In an ideal world, you’ll have finished all your assignments in plenty of time, so you don’t have to worry about them when you get home. But let’s be honest – for most of us, it is definitely an imagined world.




For people who commute, you will have already mastered balancing your uni work with spending time with your family and commitments at home. But for those who live away from home, it can be quite difficult. So how can you cope with getting the work done while you’re at home?


Tell your family you have deadlines




It’s really important that friends and family know you have deadlines coming up. They can help you manage your time, and they will postpone things they plan to do with you until after you’ve completed your assignments. They’ll also be able to tell you when you need a break. But if they don’t know, they might ask you to do things that you don’t have time for. It’s worth letting them know. Write it on the calendar!


Manage your time

We understand that if you’ve been away from home for weeks you’re going to want to spend loads of time catching up on everything. And rightly so! But you’re going to have to learn how to manage spending time with your friends or family with getting work done.




You can make a timetable or a to-do list of everything that you need to do, and set yourself reasonable deadlines. So you might say ‘by the end of today I’m going to have read this chapter of this book and summarised the argument’. By setting and achieving realistic goals, you will add to your motivation levels.




It may be a case of waking up early so you can get a few hours of work done before you spend an afternoon doing fun stuff. Or you may choose to stay up late. Whatever works best for you, make sure you implement it as soon as you can, and start getting the work done.


Beware of temptation




Being at home can mean there are many tempting distractions around you. Whether it’s playing a game with your siblings, or giving your pets some attention, it’s easy to get drawn in. So make sure you are strict with yourself. Don’t allow yourself to give in. Once you’ve set daily goals, tell yourself that once you have completed your goal, then you can cuddle up with your dog and watch movies, or play monopoly with friends or family. They’ll wait!


While finishing your assignments is really important, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself as well! Make sure you take regular breaks and that you aren’t getting too stressed out.


You can do this – we believe in you!


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