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How much can Ruskin RAG raise this year?

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Ruskin RAG

Can you help our RAG Society chose their charities for the year?

What is RAG?  

So, what is RAG? RAG stands for raising and giving, and here at ARU Students' Union we have a Society dedicated to this cause. Our RAG aims to raise as much money as possible for selected charities.

How can you help?

1. Take part and join the Society for £3.60, a year full of activity, fun and making new friends. Join here.

2. Come along to Freshers Fair and help them chose which charities they will be fundraising for this year.

3. Tweet us and join our Facebook pages, we will pass out the details at the fair.

4. Spread the word - can you think of a hashtag we can use for this year? Let us know!

5. Simply make a difference and give back :)

Any questions please email


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