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How it felt winning the Student Staff Award at the SU Awards

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Amanda, your VP for AHSS (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), shares what it felt like to win the Student Staff award at the SU Awards 2018. Find out more about Amanda and what she is doing to support you as a student here or email her at


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and textThe SU awards has to be one of my favourite events in the SU calendar. It is so rewarding to get to celebrate student successes with everyone who is involved within the union. It is an evening where we have an excuse to dress up how we want and showcase all the talent amongst the ARU student body.


Last year, I had the honour of receiving the Student Staff award for Cambridge. This came as a massive surprise to me. But, it was so lovely to see how my work over the past 3 years working on the bar at the Academy and in other departments within the union had not gone unnoticed.


The whole energy around the SU Awards is what makes it so special. Yeah, receiving an award was lovely but it is the people around you who really make it! Everyone is very excited and happy to just be there.


Make sure to buy your ticket here! You wouldn’t want to miss out on one of the biggest events of the year!


Feeling excited to go to the event? Get your ticket and make your nomination now! 


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