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How it felt to win the Outstanding Personal Tutor award

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Kate Houlden is a Senior Lecturer in World Literature in the Department of English, Film and Media. At the 2018 SU Awards she won the Outstanding Personal Tutor award. She tells us how it feels to be nominated, and win, a Made A Difference Award.


It's always a nice surprise to be nominated, never mind win such awards! We all know that students face lots of demands on their resources in the current climate, so for someone to have taken the time out of their day to put a staff member forward really is very meaningful.


In this case, I was also really pleased to win an award in this category. I knowrom my own experiences that just one person can sometimes make a real difference when you're having a tough time of things. It's a real privilege to be in a position where I can try and do that for our students coming through and it's lovely to be recognised for those efforts.




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