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How it felt to win the Outstanding Contribution award at the SU Awards

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Blessing Raimi, third year graphic design student and BME Rep, as well as President of the Graphic Design Society, shares her experience of winning the Outstanding Contribution award at the 2018 SU Awards.

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Last year was an eventful year and volunteering is something I'm passionate about to enrich the experience of others, especially at university, but also to help others in different walks of life. The SU gives so many great opportunities to work around your studies and commitments, and you can choose what kind of role you'd like to take part in. I didn't expect to receive the award, as all of those shortlisted have done some amazing projects last year and honestly I was happy enough that I had been nominated.


All of the nominees have been great and I feel so honoured to have received the award and hearing what was written for my nomination, it was overwhelming especially because there are things I do just because I love to and not for recognition, but didn't expect that these had been noticed and considered for the award. The SU have been a great support, even when I felt perhaps I wasn't doing enough in my roles and went through some challenges, they have been encouraging and helpful. I really appreciate the award and hope to do even more this year to benefit the student community.



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