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How it felt to win Union Honours at the SU Awards

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Your Vice President of Science and Engineering, Matt Hayes, shares his experience of being nominated for several awards as well as winning Union Honours in the 2018 SU Awards.


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SU Awards is one of the most exciting nights in the calendar for anyone who is involved with the Union. It is an amazing chance for volunteers, societies, activists, and representatives to all get together and celebrate the successes of the last 12 months.


Two projects I was involved in were nominated and I also received two personal nominations. Having everyone who I had worked with, across so many different things, made me realise how much I had achieved in my second year of university alongside finishing with a first overall.


I was fortunate enough to be awarded one of the Union Honours awards which recognises people who have made significant impact for students be that through campaigning, running societies, or doing something which has shaped the ARU student experience. It was also very apt that I was presented my award by Laura Douds, then President-elect of the Union who I had a few weeks prior been elected to succeed.


Although it isn’t the reason I did it, having my hard work recognised by others was valuable – it assured me that the blood, sweat and tears I had put in had made at least one person’s time at ARU a little bit better.


Want to get in on the fun? Make sure you put your nominations in for yourself or someone else, and get your tickets booked! 


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