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How it felt to win Society Honours at the SU Awards

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We love to celebrate the success of our societies at the SU Awards! Amy Kelly shared with us how it felt to be awarded Society Honours at the SU Awards 2017.


How does it feel to win Society Honours?

I couldn’t be happier to have won! It truly has made all the hard work worth it. It has truly been a fantastic end to a wonderful season with the Sirens Cheerleaders. It was such a surprise to be nominated but to win was a fantastic feeling. I still cannot believe it’s real!


Which part of this achievement are you most proud of?

It makes me so proud to see my team achieve such wonderful things but also that somebody has taken the time to recognise all the hard work I and the rest of the committee put into making this year as wonderful as it has been.


What’s the best thing about being a member of a society/societies?

The Sirens have become like a family to me. With all the stresses of life and third year seeing them weekly allowed me to take a step back from all my stresses and just enjoy spending time with them. My Sirens family will always hold a special place in my heart. They have made me more confident, more likely to take risks that I normally wouldn’t, they have been by my side through all the ups and downs and I don’t think I would have enjoyed my uni experience half as much if I had not joined the Sirens.


What has inspired your commitment to societies and society activities?

I wanted to try and help the society to develop to become the best it could be. Cheer is a society like no other; I loved the feeling of learning something new and developing my skills each week. It has become a subject I find myself telling everybody about (even when nobody has asked). I absolutely adore the society and the people I worked with on the team, committee and within the SU. They inspired me to never give up even on the worst days and I am devastated to be leaving such a wonderful team.


What would you say to Freshers thinking about joining a society?

DO IT! Join a society, meet new people and experience crazy things you have never thought about (like performing in a packed arena). Cheer became a huge part of my uni experience and I am so glad that I did it. I was terrified as a fresher going to the events but I am so glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to do it because it was the best thing I did. Find the perfect society for you (even if it seems a little bit out there to start with, you never know what you might enjoy) and if you can’t find one, CREATE ONE! The SU team will help you every step of the way they are an amazing group of people who will support you all the way.


If you are part of or know of an amazing society, why not nominate it for the SU Awards?


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