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How it felt to win Rep of the Year and Union Honours at the SU Awards 2019

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Student and HEMS Faculty Rep Tiegan Lawson shares how it felt to be awarded Rep of the Year and Union Honours at the SU Awards 2019. 


This year at the SU awards I had the honour of winning two awards. I won rep of the year and Union Honours. To hear the lovely things that were said about me really made me smile, and to receive the awards was such a special moment. I was nominated alongside so many amazing people and they have done some great things too.

To accept these awards has really boosted my confidence in the things that I do. It's great that the things I do have a positive effect on the students I represent. No one does it for the awards, but it was definitely a nice surprise! I cannot wait to carry on my work next year, knowing that I'm going in the right direction.

My advice for anyone thinking of getting involved in the student union, is go for it! I have made so many friends and it has really boosted my university experience. Coming from a course that is so different to everyone else's, the student union has been really understanding and has brought a little 'normality' into my university life! So don't just consider it, go for it!

Thank you the Anglia Ruskin Student Union for being so welcoming! I look forward to working with you in the next year.


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