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How it felt to win Rep Honours at the SU Awards

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With the SU Awards, we can recognise the hard work all our Reps put in! Hannah Hau-Ching tells us what it felt like to be awarded Rep Honours at the SU Awards 2017.


How does it feel to win Rep Honours?

Winning Rep Honours is amazing and it’s a great feeling to have my overall campaign “LGBT+ awareness and inclusion” recognised and rewarded.


What is the best thing about being a Rep?

The best thing about being a rep is giving students a voice. Listening to their suggestions and carrying them through is extremely rewarding. When both students and staff pull you aside to congratulate you on your campaign efforts is truly amazing.


What is your proudest achievement during the last two years?

My proudest achievement during the last two years was working with the Trans rep over in Cambridge to create Trans awareness toilet posters, which appeared across all three campuses. It then went viral on twitter and inspired many other universities around the world to do the same.


How has being a Rep changed/developed you as a person?

Being a rep has helped me develop so much confidence throughout the past three years. When starting university, I was a very quiet person who didn’t get involved with the SU at all. It has helped me communicate effectively and confidently with people, whilst not being afraid to speak my mind during meetings and through emails.


What inspired you to stand as a Rep?

I became rep in re-elections, starting my term in about December. I was a newly out member of the LGBT+ community at the time and saw that my imagination and creative thinking could lead to great things for ARU students in the future. I wanted to help give support to all the ARU LGBT+ students that I hadn’t necessarily received in the past within other situations.


Finally, what would you say to anyone considering standing as a Rep?

To anyone who has ever told you, you can’t do it, you shouldn’t do it. Ignore them. Do it anyway and prove them wrong! By being a rep, you are not only having a voice; you are giving other students a voice. You can make really big and positive changes for ARU. You can make a difference and inspire others, which is honestly a great power to have! 


If you know an outstanding Rep, make sure you nominate them in the upcoming SU Awards!


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