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How it felt to win Most Improved Society at the SU Awards

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The Graphic Design Society share how it felt to win the Most Improved Society award at the SU Awards 2018.


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Winning Most Improved Society Award was a great way to round off the year for Graphic Design Society, after a shaky first year starting the society, we became a lot more grounded within the student community and were able to get more involved with wider university events. Our visibility definitely improved and we're so grateful to be given the opportunity to produce designs for other societies and students, helping to build on our design experience, CVs and portfolios. Society members connected a lot more through the society, other societies and the wider student body, and the SU have been a great help with getting the society more established. We're thankful to everyone to helped us get this far with the society and we can only improve further from here, with support from the SU and from other students and staff who have believed in us.



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