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How it felt to win Cambridge Student Staff of the year

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Kaileb Bryant is studying an MA in English Literature, and also completed her BA English Literature at ARU last year. She was nominated for and won Student Staff of the Year, and shares how she felt. 


It feels very alien to write about myself… I’m normally writing about this or that event, or something or the other for the website!


Honestly, I am still in so much shock to have won. With so many fantastic students nominated for the award, I never expected to win; just to be nominated was award enough! But to win? Everyone seated at my table that night found my shock-face very amusing!


I’ve worked with the Communications team for about a year and a half now. For those of you who don’t know, the Comms team are the guys who send your newsletters, create and distribute materials like wall planners, posters, and flyers, as well as keep the social media channels running and current. They also work tirelessly with all the other teams at the SU to make sure the students are communicated with. They do loads of stuff, but these are probably the bits you’re most interested in. They’re a pretty fab group of people to work with!


I’ve loved every moment of this job, and I’ve learned so many skills along the way! But most importantly, I’ve made some great friends here, and I look forward to coming to work every week.


Winning Student Staff of the Year award made me feel so lucky. Not only do I get to work with all the lovely people at the SU, but they appreciate me just as much as I do them. This truly is one of the biggest highlights of my life (other than graduating from my degree last year of course!) and one I’m so proud of.


If you get the opportunity to work with the SU, I highly recommend it. You will learn so much, and you’ll make friends with some of the best people you could ever meet.


A massive thank you to the SU staff for having my back, and a big well done to all our student staff - we’re all winners!


If you have been inspired by Kailebs story, and would like to find out how to work with us go to:


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