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How have your full time Officers represented you this year?

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Your full time Officers' three proudest achievements in representing you this year:


Laura Douds (President 2018-19):

  • We launched our housing survey which got 495 responses – which we are currently acting on. This is going to have a huge impact on housing in the years ahead.
  • We passed policy at the NUS National Conference to mandate NUS to work to: ensure paramedics have appropriate funding, that university mental health services are accessible to all students regardless of mode of study or course, and ensuring that elections are accessible to all students.
  • I’ve spent a lot of time looking internally this year – we recruited 2 new trustees and a new CEO – but I’m leaving feeling confident that the Union is in good hands because I’ve picked the right people for the jobs.


Fraser Luther-Yarwood (Vice President of Health, Education Medicine and Social Care 2018-19):

  • Introducing the Society of the Month award to recognise the hard work that our societies put in to provide a creative and welcoming space for students.
  • Pushing for significant changes to facilities on Peterborough campus with their cafeteria refurbishment and the kitchenette installation at Young Street (Cambridge), I even got Chelmsford a new microwave for the student space.
  • After working with the library we have agreed on changes to wording on emails regarding library loans, a reduction in potential fees students would have to pay for late, lost or damaged items and they have agreed to review their food in the library policy.


Matt Hayes (Vice President of Science and Engineering 2018-19)

  • I worked with the University to agree new opening hours for Compass House. This means that students who have other commitments will be able to use the building during evenings and weekends which is great news for courses which require specialist software.
  • Amanda and I met with Govia Thameslink Railway to ask if the Mill Rd Bridge closure could be postponed until later in the summer so that it wouldn’t affect students sitting exams. As a result, the work was delayed until later in the year.
  • I ran a skills workshop for society committee members which had overwhelmingly positive feedback from all who attended and resulted in much more cross-society collaboration.


Amanda Campbell White (Vice President of Arts, Humanties and Social Sciences)

  • Matt and I for 'Best Night Out' worked with Terrance Higgins trust. They ended up smashing their KPI of 5 and 26 students were tested and we gave out 70 resource bags with condoms and other resources.
  • I am super proud of the Body Positivity Campaign. We had important discussion at the panel event and then a fantastic showcase from students all supporting and celebrating body autonomy.  Although, it was a small campaign it has now a legacy through the Happy Body Project – a society set up by other students!
  • ** content warning ** I have been working with Students Services within the Sexual Respect Working group – we have been developing a toolkit for students to report sexual harassment and misconduct. Also, working with the Consent Collective on how to help educate and support students and staff a ARU. Watch this space!


Additional point from Amanda: Mental health awareness and support is still on my radar – organised and hosted De-Stress Fest across 2 weeks in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough - massive shout out to VP Fraser for helping me make this a success!


Mary Copsey (Vice President of Business and Law)

  • Myself and Gary Packham (the Dean of the Business & Law Faculty) spent the first month of semester two visiting 2nd and 3rd year classes in person to discuss important changes that had happened through the Faculty & Students' Union as a result of student feedback. It was an amazing opportunity to meet a huge number of Business & Law students and to be able to give direct updates on their feedback through their faculty & Students' Union.
  • I am really proud of the International Support campaign this year and what it’s achieved, from engaging with almost 200 students through international games nights, featuring in all of the international student newsletters and working with Study Skills Plus to ensure the names and content of their workshops are more accessible for students from many different cultures - to name just some of the results! I am excited about what this will do for our International students moving forwards.
  • Through the Carers Awareness campaign, I’m really proud to have enabled students and staff at ARU to be both supportive and supported. Through hosting three Dementia Friend Training Sessions, running two Carers’ Rights Events which involved partnership with external charities, lobbying for the Students’ Union spaces to be breastfeeding friendly, working with ARU on how they are supporting student parents & carers in terms of short term-extensions and mitigations and created a Carers Quiz to help students recognise themselves as carers and find support.


What is The Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee leads the representation and campaigning work of the Students’ Union. They deliver campaigns to support liberation, equality, diversity and inclusion. They ensure policies passed by student members are upheld and consider student ideas.

The members of the Executive Committee are: The full time Officers (President and full time Vice Presidents), The Faculty Reps and the Campaign Reps. All of these positions are filled by students voted in by students to keep you at the center of everything we do. 

Learn more about how we represent you here.


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