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How do you make change at ARU Students' Union?

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What is the Group Chat?

The Group Chat is your space to discuss the big issues on campus and help us make key decisions on the things that affect you throughout your journey at ARU. Every student is invited and encouraged to come along to be an integral part of our conversation and decision making. Led by students, you will also hear updates from officers and exec committee members. You will have an opportunity to ask them questions and hold them to account. As a thank you for your time, we will be providing food!

The Group Chat (also known as the Student Members Meeting), can be found in our bye-laws. Policy is a representative or political direction for the Union. Current policy includes, Against Education Cuts, Against NHS Cuts, Brexit Policy: Impact on Education, Drugs Harm Reduction & Education, Sustainability Awareness, Trans Inclusion in Sport, Wheels in Motion and more See current policy here. Any ARU Students' Union member can submit policy, and all Student Members have the right to vote. 



Interested in submitting policy?

Policy is a representative or political direction for the Union. Student Members may submit policy ideas to the Democracy Coordinator at least 21 days prior to the SMM. Students will be contacted to discuss their idea. Contact Rachel Wilkenson at for more information. 


Policy ideas will be raised at the SMM for discussion by Student Members and actions will be allocated for the development of the policy idea into a policy proposal. Actions may include further student consultation, research and proposal writing.


Student Members and the Trustee Board may submit policy proposals for consideration by SMM at least 14 days prior to the final SMM of the academic year. Policy proposals will be included for discussion at the SMM. Voting will take place online following the closure of the meeting for at least 48 hours. All Student Members have the right to vote.

Click here for the policy template.


Minutes of the SMM will be made available to all students via the website:


The dates for the April Group Chat are now available! Drop in whenever you have time and have your voice heard! 


Campus Location Date/Time


Common Room



Chelmsford MAR 102 



Cambridge LAB 002




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