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Flirt! Cambridges Biggest Friday!
27th February 10pm - 3am
The only Friday night institution
Varsity - Paintball - Cancelled
28th February 10am - 7pm
Cambridge & Chelmsford
The battle of the campuses has unfortunately been cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales! We apologise and hope you are interested in the rest of the Give it a Go's available.
Bake sale for Gaza (pledged £500 to Human Appeal)
2nd March 10am - 3pm
Chelmsford Campus MAB GROUND FLOOR
Come enjoy some yummy cakes.. fudge doughnuts and cookies.. Henna painting also available for £2.
Clubs and Societies forum
2nd March 5pm - 6pm
MAR 012
Clubs and Societies Forum Cambridge
2nd March 5pm - 6pm
LAB 005
Stock Exchange
2nd March 9pm - 1am
The Student Lounge
Chelmsford's Cheapest Night!!
Spotify/Anglia Ruskin Students' Union Fundraising Meet Up!
3rd March 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Students' Union Office, Hel 125 (next to Costa)
Anyone and everyone who has a passion for music, music therapy, raising money, or just getting involved in good times, is welcome to join us for an hour of idea storming and free lunch!
Question the Candidates
3rd March 4pm - 6pm
The Academy, Cambridge
Open Mic Night - 'Two Stanzas Walked into a Bar'
3rd March 7:30pm - 10pm
The Academy (Helmore Restaurant)
An Open Mic night to showcase everything from poetry to music. Come along and see Anglia Ruskin students' talent!
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AWS Conference
4th March 11:30am - 6pm
At this years Animal Welfare Conference we will delve into several crucial welfare issues such as the illegal wildlife trade, the welfare of dog breeding and chicken welfare and cognition. For more information look at the timetable.