You automatically become a member of the Students' Union as soon as you start at Anglia Ruskin.

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We're led by students, for students. Together we can make your Anglia Ruskin experience the best it can be.

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Annie Freeman illustrates our City Maps!

This year's Cambridge and Chelmsford city maps are illustrated by student Annie Freeman.

Sammi win's Activist of the Year!

"Hearing that you’ve inspired a person to get involved in activism and to really start thinking about all of these things; that’s priceless."


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Appeals Workshop
19th September noon - 1pm
Campus Tour
19th September 2pm - 2:30pm
Meet Outside Helmore
Come along and join us!
Campus Tour - Chelmsford
19th September 3:30pm - 4pm
Meet Outside Ashcroft
Come along and join us!
Cambridge Town Tour
19th September 4pm - 5pm
Come along and join us!
Town Tour - Chelmsford
19th September 4pm - 5pm
Meet Outside Ashcroft
Come along and join us!
Supermarket Bus - Chelmsford
19th September 5pm - 8pm
Meet Outside Student Village
Come along and join us!
CITYdiversions 2014
20th September 10:30am - 6pm
Cycling Club Taster Session
20th September 3pm - 6pm
Helmore steps
Come along and join us!
Welcome Carnival
20th September 3pm - 9pm
Tindal, Chelmsford
Beach Party
20th September 9pm - 2am
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