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How can you help us to improve your university experience? Bring on your ideas!

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A lot of students have amazing and brilliant ideas to share with us and how we could improve your experience in ARU, but only some know we actually have a place where you can bring your ideas and we can set them up for real! If your idea gets enough votes, our officers could help you make that idea a real thing in ARU.

The link here

Anything you think we could improve and bring to our attention that we don’t know about yet, please let us know. We can run a campaign about it, lobby the university and make it possible. Our aim is to get the most popular ideas and make them possible and viable in cost for every student in ARU.

If you have any doubts or questions you can send an email to our officers or drop by SU office and speak with some of them to advise you and give you more information about it. Some of the ideas can be passed as a policy at Student Council to improve the student community at ARU, and you can contribute to it!


Bring it on and let us know what we can keep improving this semester.


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