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Have your favourite meal served in your uni canteen!

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Johanna is your Vice President Arts, Law and Social Science, this year she's campaigning to improve food on campus.


I want your uni canteen to serve food that you want to eat!

Food is important, that is a fact! I mean, we would not survive without food. Good food that students want to eat, on the other hand, may require some extra effort, and that is why I, your ALSS Vice President, have arranged a collaboration with the Cambridge Catering services for this year.


Suggest recipes from 13th till 24th November

From 13th till 24th November YOU will be able to suggest your favourite meals and recipes in the Cambridge Canteen! Whether you go in to have a hot meal, quick sandwich or just a drink, you will be able to find feedback cards so you can tell us what you would like to eat during your lunch in university! I will also be hanging out in the canteen at lunch time collecting your feedback so feel free to come have a chat! You will also be able to suggest recipes online, which means you can send us direct links to your favourite recipes!


Trial top 10 recipes between 29th January till 9th February!

Once we have gathered all the suggestions, we will group them and set a poll online for you to vote for the top 10 recipes, which will then be introduced in the Cambridge Canteen from 29th January till 9th February. This means that you will be able to trial the recipes and give us your feedback! How amazing is that?


Gathering feedback will help us find out what kinds of foods you as ARU students want to eat and more specifically what you regard as good quality and good value for money when it comes to food. We are asking for your opinion because we care about your experience, and food is an obvious part of it!


What's more, the catering team have agreed that if the trial is successful and the recipes get great feedback, they will consider making them permanent in the menu! That means you might get your favourite recipe on the menu!

How exciting is that?!



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