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Getting to know you: Business & Law Faculty Rep (Cambridge)  - Cristina

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Meet your Business & Law Faculty Rep (Cambridge)  - Cristina  (she/her )!

What do you study? 

BSc Tourism Management 


Would you like us to direct students to a specific social media platform to reach you on? Or should they contact you by email only? 

By email and Instagram at @mariacristina.ionita 


What are your campaigns/ what would you like to achieve for students this year? 

?#MoneyFestival2020 aims: 

  • To promote financial literacy among students; 

  • To raise awareness of the United Nations SDGs and activism 

  • To challenge students to be creative  


Why are you passionate about this project idea? 

I have always wondered how money works and how they have such a great power over us. I believe we need to be able to understand how to responsibly manoeuvre money to generate long lasting wealth and give back to society through donations and actions. No matter if you desire to work for somebody else, or manage your own business, you need the right approach to succeed. My other passion for education and activism has led me to create this project with Katherine Hasegawa. Together, we want to encourage students to reflect on big topics such as poverty, sustainability and money-art. We all have different goals, but I believe the knowledge built through this project will enable each one of us to achieve them. 


Other projects...? 

?I want to help Katherine Hasegawa to develop an app that will connect students from all campuses together to share projects and help each other grow together. Both current and past students can come together and share their experiences and offer opportunities and advice. We believe we need to create a stronger and lasting community here at ARU. You can find more about this project here - We are still working on this one so we would love to hear your thoughts and maybe you can even give us a hand!  


What made you stand to be a Rep? 

I have received an anonymous nomination (Thank you to whoever wrote it) and decided to give it a try. I have been very interested in how the university can help students reach their potential and I want to make sure the SU will help with this process. Also, as a committee member of the Latin-American Society, I had the opportunity to work with the SU and I have met lovely people that I want to keep in touch with. Furthermore, I have been very vocal about issues in teaching, communication and administration during online and offline forums in the Business Faculty so I decided to put my voice to use for all students. 


What’s your favourite social media platform/ where can students find you to chat? 

?I am very active on Instagram. I am always looking for and sharing opportunities to learn inside and outside university. You can also see what I’m passionate about and everything I am working on for you as students and updates on my campaigns! Please don’t be shy to send messages. We can always have a chat. My inbox is open to anyone and I will try to answer as soon as I am available. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to and how we can make your time at ARU a memorable one!  


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? 

Hopefully sipping margaritas?on an island in Barbados after a meeting with my colleagues from UNESCO to further develop UNESCO’s Futures of Education initiative to put more children and adolescents in school and learn how to leverage knowledge to reshape and improve humanity and the planet.  


Share your three favourite tunes: 

Monty Greig – I’m feeling good 

Zedd & Kehlani – Good thing 

Marc Anthony – Vivir mi vida 


Tell us something not many people know about you. 

I received a national award for young writers for a short story I wrote during a creative writing course. I also love horse riding and I’m pretty good at it.  


What's your ultimate ARU moment? 

The Latin-American Society partnered with the Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism to hold a panel about the economic situation of Venezuela. It was an amazing experience to have academics and Venezuelans share their views and opinions and try to come up with solutions.  


If you had a super power what would it be?? 

Speaking all the languages in the world. I think it would be amazing to understand everyone and be able to communicate in every part of the world. 



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