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Five things you have to try at Freshers

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1.  Come to Freshers’ Fair

No matter how busy and full-on your Freshers’ schedule can seem make sure you make time to come to Freshers’ Fair, Wednesday, September 20th at Chelmsford and Friday, September 22nd at Cambridge. Not only do you get the chance to sign up to a choice of more than a hundred student led societies and meet the friendly faces of your Students’ Union, but there’s also loads of great freebies just for you!


Oh, and don’t forget to download the ARU Students’ Union app before you go to make society sign-ups super quick and easy!


2. Go for a night out at The Academy or The Lounge

Freshers’ wouldn’t be Freshers’ without a night out at our dedicated ARU Students’ Union venues. There’s something for everyone, whether that be an incredible club night, pub quiz or karaoke session.

This is your chance to make student life unforgettable by having awesome nights out and making the friends that will be with you throughout university.


3. Break the mould

University offers you the chance to be yourself and grow in confidence. Be the person you want to be; become a rep, volunteer, or join a society, all in the name of boosting your confidence, making new friends and gaining new skills. Freshers’ is the prime time to get ahead of the game. Be you, be whatever you decide you want to be.


4. Give it a Go

The Students’ Union runs one off activities to ensure that you can get involved no matter how hectic your schedule may be! If you fancy seeing the bright lights of Brighton Pier, visiting the Harry Potter studios or going to see a West End show, GIAG trips are ideal for you. Take a look at our website to find out about all the events and GIAGs happening this semester.


5. Love yourself

Freshers’ week is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one of the best times of year, but it can be tough! Freshers’ flu is not a myth. Be prepared. Snooze your alarm once more, drink plenty of water, be aware of your body and what works for you. Keep yourself safe, keep yourself healthy, keep yourself active and most of all…have fun!


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