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Finding student accommodation in Cambridge

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Finding somewhere to live that suits you is really important. Feeling at home is a key part of your uni experience. Finding halls which fit your needs and your budget is not always easy, but where there’s a will there’s a way! A good way of working out which accommodation will suit you best is to make a list of what you want from where you live and then putting them in priority order. Here are some key factors that might help you find the right place for you:


  • Budget  – The right place at the right price is always going to be a key decision maker


  • En-suite – Do you want a private bathroom or are you happy to share?


  • On or off campus – Is it important to you that you live on site? Do you just want to roll straight out of bed and into your lecture or are you happy to stroll through Cambridge?


  • Communal living area – Is having a dedicated social space important to you or are you just as happy to have a chat in the kitchen?


  • City Centre – Is it more important to you to be nearer campus or Cambridge? Or do you want to be equally distanced?


  • Who you live with – Do you want to live with a larger or a smaller group of people? 


  • Independent accommodation – Do you want to live in university provided accommodation with other ARU students or would you rather source your own accommodation options?


Cambridge has the widest variety of halls options and you can check out this handy table to compare some of the key factors that might be important to you.


On campus options are Peter Taylor House and Swinhoe Hall. Anastasia House is officially off-campus but is literally on the opposite side of the road to the main university reception. A standard room in Swinhoe Hall is the cheapest on-campus option at £128.73 per week for a standard room.


If you’re on a tighter budget or looking for a slightly more independent experience, university owned houses are a good option. Rooms in Collier Road houses, located adjacent to campus, cost an average of £116.76 per week, while other uni houses further from campus average in at £116.74 per week. The cheapest rooms start at £95.83 per week. An added bonus is that many of these include a small garden or courtyard for socialising on sunny days. The houses vary in size from two to ten bedrooms, so there’s a good range of options to choose from.


If you’re looking for luxury the light and spacious double en-suite rooms at The Railyard, located next to Cambridge Station, complete with a common room boasting a widescreen TV, football table, pool table and a PlayStation, cost £168.83 per week, that’s a grand total of £7,259.69 for the whole tenancy.


There are a variety of other off campus options including, CB1, YMCA, Sedley Court and The Forum. You can check out all the details on the university accommodation webpage here.


Want to find your own accommodation?

University accommodation isn’t for everyone so there is always the option to source your own. However, make sure you check out the uni’s private accommodation tips and approved agency list, so you know you’re always dealing with reputable agents and landlords.


Check out the accommodation webpage here, for more info. We’re really excited to see you soon.


Let’s do this together!


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