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Elections Results 2020: Part-time roles

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Emma Howes ‘I’m Emma and I have been the deputy returning officer for these elections. First of all I’d like to thank every one of our 71 candidates, across every role, for their hard work, their positivity and their passion this past fortnight. The move to online only campaigning has been challenging and it has been a pleasure to see the variety of videos, images and articles which our candidates have shared. In total ARU students have cast 6850 votes – which is an outstanding achievement given the situation and a reflection of all of the candidate’s hard work’


First up NUS conference delegates:

For our NUS delegates we have 6 positions available and 11 candidates: congratulations to: Emily, George, Luqman, Mira-Ceti, Mary and Amanda who are our elected National Conference delegates.


Exec Committee: These students will represent unique communities at ARU and be a key part of the executive committee. There are 2 generally roles for each community, one based at Chelmsford and one in Cambridge.


Campaigning reps:

Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Rep for Cambridge: Abdullahi Idris was elected as the BME Rep for Cambridge.

Next up: Disabled Students’ Rep Cambridge: Shubham Singh was elected as the Disabled Students’ Rep for Cambridge.

We now have the International Rep for Cambridge: Rohit Dyani will be the International Student’s Rep for Cambridge.

Next is International Rep Chelmsford: Aina Bashir is elected as International Student’s Rep for Chelmsford.

Our last 2 Campaign roles are for the Women’s Reps: Izzy Woodcock will be the Women’s Rep for Cambridge.

Womens’ Rep Chelmsford are: Carla Straw is elected as Women’s Rep for Chelmsford.


Now onto faculty reps

These students represent their faculty on their campus, with each role covering Chelmsford, Cambridge or Peterborough. They are vital members of the Executive Committee and support the Officer team to raise the voices of students in their faculties.


We’ll start with HEMS, where we have 2 roles available for the Chelmsford campus and 6 candidates: Imogen Lay and Olu Onasanya are elected as HEMS faculty reps for Chelmsford

For our HEMS faculty rep roles on the Cambridge campus: Bethany Miller is elected as the HEMS faculty rep for Cambridge. The second HEMS faculty rep role will be reopened for election in September.

Next we’ll move to Business and Law in Chelmsford: Sara Hoxhaj is elected as the B&L faculty rep for Chelmsford.

The candidates for B&L Cambridge are: Maria Cristina Ionita is the B&L faculty rep for Cambridge.

Next up: AHSS which is a Cambridge only role: Matt Hayes is the incoming faculty rep for AHSS.

Our last faculty is Science and Engineering Cambrigde: Moh Sufyaan was elected as Faculty Rep for FSE.


John (SU CEO): ‘Congrats to all, as you may have noticed not all of our roles were elected this time around. Roles to be reopened in Sept:

BME Chelms

Disabled Chelms

LGBT+ Chelms and Cambs

Trans Chelms and Cambs


HEMS FR Peterborough

S&E FR Chelms


Want to know how you can nominate yourself in one of these remaining roles for 2020/21 email


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