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Do you have something already going on in your life before coming to ARU and need some advice?

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Coming to university as a new student is hard enough, never mind having other problems going on! Whatever it is, if you’re unsure what to do,  ARU Student’s Union Advice Service is here to help.


Mental Health Illness

If you have a pre-existing, or even a new mental health illness, it can make studying and living away from home really difficult. If you’re unsure how to access help, book an appointment with ARU Students’ Union Advice Service, and we can talk you through your options.


Check out Mind for more information. 


If you need someone to talk to, contact the Samaritans


Cambridge students can call Nightline for Cambridge ARU students. 


Alternatively, you could visit the Counselling and Wellbeing Service based in the university, for further help and support. 



Family Issues

You might be experiencing some problems within your family setting, such as estrangement or childcare issues. If you’re not sure of what to do, then make an appointment with one of ARU Students’ Union’s advisors, and we can help you with who to contact.


You may be a student parent, and have responsibilities over young or older children. This can raise issues of childcare, finance, and other stressful situations. Check out our page on student parents for more information, or make an appointment to see ARU Students’ Union Advice Service if you’re not sure where to turn to.


You might also have other caring responsibilities, for an elderly or sick relative. You may be a carer, and not even realise it. Take a look at our student carers page for more information, or make an appointment with ARU Students’ Union Advice Service if you’re unsure what to do.



Managing your money

Your finances may be causing you some stress - most students have been there at some point, so don’t panic. If you’re unsure of what support you are entitled to, make an appointment to see us and we can direct you to the people who can help.


Also check out ARU’s Student Money Advisors for more help.



Whatever your problem is, big or small, ARU Students’ Union Advice Service are here to help.


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