Student Carers

Student Carers

Anyone can be a carer, although you may not realise you are one at first. Caring responsibilities may include: personal care, household management (e.g. managing finances), physical care, emotional support and practical tasks. Take our quiz HERE to find out if you are a Carer! ARU is dedicated to supporting you with your studies whilst juggling your other responsibilities. For more information click here.


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As a parent and a carer you may be entitled to financial help. To find out if you are eligible you can contact the Money Advice Service at ARU.


Online money resources

ARU Student Services finance info 

Carer’s Allowance

Carer’s Credit

Adult Dependents Grant

Carer’s Smart (benefits and discounts to carers):

Charitable help and benefit entitlement checker


Local Support

Being a carer can be lonely. There are local groups and networks near all three main campuses that could support you.



Addenbrokes Hospital One Place
Provide advice to family carers of people who are in hospital or attending as an outpatient, family carers who are patients of the hospital and members of staff who are family carers.


Carers Trust Cambridgeshire
Offers carer support groups, advice, information and activities across Cambridgeshire.




Action for Family Carers

  • They offer lots of advice and information services and have support groups all over Essex run by a Carer Support and Development Worker.
  • Locally based charities for unpaid carers have teamed up to make it easier for carers to access support when they need it, by providing a single contact point for carers and access to consistent support in Essex.



Carers Trust Peterborough
Carers Trust Peterborough offers carers support groups, advice, information and support for carers across Peterborough.



Peterborough City Council 
The website provides a list of events and support groups available to carers in the local area.




Useful links:


NUS student carer advice


Guide to care and support (NHS)


Carer’s Trust


Carer’s UK – support and advice

Charitable help and benefit entitlement checker


Living Well (Essex) – Carer support in Essex


Rallyround (Essex) – a free, online tool that enables to organise and coordinate care responsibilities 


Cambridge County Council carer support 


Peterborough County Council carer support


Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on being a student and a carer, such as what constitutes as a ‘carer’, who to inform, and what to do if you are struggling with your studies, take a look at these frequently asked questions.