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Committee Member of the Month January 2018 - Chelmsford!

Fraser Luther-Yarwood is a 1st year MA Education student and has won the Committee Member of the month in Chelmsford for January 2018! Fraser is a committee member for 5 societies; Tea & Hot Chocolate, SASG, the Education Society, the LGBTQ+ society and Dodgeball. His main duty is to manage and set up events for each society to run and cover work for other members when necessary.

“In my role I have set up regular 1:1s with committee members, paperwork, room/table bookings as well as social media managing. I have also been the contact for other societies when there is interest in collaborative events.”

“The thing I have enjoyed the most will be both the skills I have learnt as well as the people I have met. The skills I have learnt through these roles will stay with me in the future and will no doubt benefit me. The people I have met has also been a highlight of my time as a committee member as not only have I found people who could potentially take over my role one day but most importantly they are my friends. This is one of the reasons I decided to stay to do my masters at the university.”

Fraser hopes to become a teacher and after completing his masters at Anglia Ruskin, he hopes to take up a course in the USA to continue on his path to teaching by expanding on his current studies. All the skills he has learnt from his time as a committee member are highly relevant to being a good teacher.

“I have always, from a young age, found great pleasure in helping people. That is simply all to it. Everybody works to be paid, but for me to volunteer and know I have benefited people is just as high a reward.”

“One of the biggest skills I’ve learnt during my time as a committee member is the leadership skills, I have had to manage large numbers of people, delegate and also sort out any problems that arise. I have also had to deal with numbers whilst doing grant forms, speaking skills for talking in front of large groups of people, time management to manage work, societies and my studies. From this I have also learnt to work as a team and independently.”

Katie Pether, the Student Opportunities Co-Ordinator in Chelmsford, nominated Fraser for the role and had this to say about him;

“Although it is still the Christmas break Fraser has come back to Chelmsford early to discuss how he can better improve his societies for the second semester. He has been the committee member to book his societies all 5 tables at Refreshers Fair and he has organised his fellow members to ensure each stall is attended to. He completed 5 Society grant forms, risk assessments and without him the societies would have shut down. Not only does he help within the activities department he is also volunteering to help with the LGBT+ History month Officer campaign. Fraser has logged over 170 volunteering hours so far this year and I have no doubt he will double that number in the following months. I have completed a supporting statement for his application for the Vice Chancellor Award and he is also undergoing the ILM.”

Fraser has stated that the reason he loves volunteering is because he takes great pleasure in helping people and that in itself is motivation enough to keep volunteering.

Well done Fraser, your hard work has paid off!


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