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Committee Member of the Month - Cambridge!

Blessing is a 2nd Year Graphic Design student who is the President of the Graphic Design society in Cambridge. She is the winner of the Committee Member of the Month winner for Cambridge in December 2017!

Blessing’s main duties as President of the Graphic Design Society is to take responsibility for the smooth running of the society and that all activities are open to everyone and that they encourage Graphic Design. Blessing speaks regularly with the Course Based Society Co-Ordinator, Bee Newboult, other society committees and overseeing collaborations with other societies regarding Graphic Design. 

Blessing says: “Others benefit because they have been given a platform to network with others interested in Graphic Design. They have been given opportunities to develop their portfolio through designing for other societies and they have been able to give and gain advice from fellow students regarding coursework and personal designs, which is great.”

“I have been able to develop my leadership skills, which I learnt involves doing a lot behind the scenes, but is definitely worth it in the end when there is a successful event for example, or we're able to do something that encourages others. It includes a lot of skills as well such as organisation and being a good team player. I have also been able to improve on my communication skills.”

“My inspirations and enjoyment comes from being able to help other people whilst doing something I enjoy and being able to make a positive difference that others will gain from.”

Blessing has aspirations of becoming a Graphic Designer and by leading a course based society, it has helped her to develop and improve the skills required for her future career. It has helped her develop a network and because of her role as President, Blessing has been able to meet a variety of different people.

“My favourite memory involves collaborating with other societies during RAG week for a stream each day as we were raising money for Doctors Without Borders.”

Bee Newboult, the Course Based Societies Co-Ordinator, had this to say about Blessing; 

“Blessing has worked tirelessly this month to organise a trip to London for her Course and Society Members. She has striven to ensure that the trip is inclusive and available to all, especially since she has worked very hard to gain the Course Leader Fund! She has also pushed to gain recognition for her course mates by starting a Graphic Design Skills Workshop. By doing this, she has allowed her course mates and society members to gain industry experience.

“In the short time that I have worked with her, Blessing has not stopped extending her engagement!”

Blessing has these final words to say about her role;

“I love knowing I get to give back, knowing it will make someone else’s life better. Volunteering with the Students’ Union is a wonderful experience and can work around your studies with a lot of different opportunities. There are great staff who help and assist us a committee Members.”

Well done on your award Blessing! It seems rather well desevered!


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