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Be Mankind (Update Jan 2020)

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Update Jan 2020

Fraser hsa spoken to the Counselling and Wellbeing team at ARU, posing them questions asked about the service in general and the stigma of men's mental health... hear what they have to say:







The team campaign for this year is Mental Health aka “Break-the-Cycle”. My campaign within this is 'Be Mankind'! This campaign aims to increase the awareness of men's mental health issues and ensure that the counselling and wellbeing team are accessible for hard to reach students.

In 2018, 75% of suicides were committed by men. Currently, the Counselling and Wellbeing team identify our male students as ‘hard to reach’ due to the extremely lows numbers engaging with the service. The purpose of “Be Mankind” is to break down the stigma towards men needing support and encourage them to use the service when they need it. 

Early on in this campaign the team was able to meet with a key member of staff within the counselling and wellbeing team and from this my campaign truly kicked off. I have had a chance to meet with both the male counsellors on the Chelmsford and Cambridge campus to plan out activities for us to set up and discuss how we can make the service more visible, accessible and comfortable for all students.

We are currently in the planning stage to do a video launch for December around Counceling and Wellbeing and Men's Mental Health! Additionally we are looking to set up a series of walk and talk events for Semester 2, which are open to all students, to take a stroll around campus to talk about anything you want. Whether it be your favourite hobby, the course you study, or even your own experiences, we are here to listen and to help. 

Below is a list of some worthwhile articles around this stigmas of Men's Mental Health and why they need to be broken down along with some handy resources and tips for support. - Lee Cambule talks about why men should be able to open up about mental health problems and has some links within the article for other support services and tips on selfcare - This NHS site lists a range of Mental Health support services that are available to everyone, for those living in the Hertfordshire area they also have information on local campaigns as well. - This NHS site has a list of websites and phone numbers for different organisations that support a wide range of Mental Health issues. - Movember have a section on their website with the stories of others and their battle to overcome their own mentalh health concerns, they share their experiences and what they did to tackle it. - Mens Minds Matter look at a variety of mental health issues that affect men and offer ways on how to recognsie when someone is suffering, advice on which services they should go to as well as providing a lot of self help tips - CALM offer a hotline or webchat for individuals to use as well as offering support and guidance for a range of different mental health problems - Men's Health forum is a great place to get your questions answered and get some useful support from it - Safeline offer a host of services such as counselling, a helpline, prevention projetcs and even Independant Sexual Violence Advisors - Survivors UK offer support for males who are victimes of rape and abuse as well as supporting their families and friends

Keep an eye out for further updates!

Break-The-Cycle Campaign
Counselling and Wellbeing
Fraser Luther-Yarwood



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