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Are you worried about what academic support is available?

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So you’re starting ARU and you’re worried about what support is available to you during your academic studies. That’s totally okay! Here’s the low down on everything you need to know.


Your first point of call should always be your tutors for academic support. They know their subject area the best, and can help you with any direct queries about your assignments, or course in general.

Study Skills Plus is also a useful resource for improving on your academic skills and helping you out on the skills you feel you might want ectra support with.

If you’re struggling to meet a deadline for whatever reason it may be, you should probably consider thinking about getting an extension. You should visit the university advice service as soon as you can if you want an extension. You can get some help on this from ARU Students’ Union Advice Service, if you’re not sure what to do or whether you should apply for one.


Apply for a short-term extension


If a short term extension isn't the solution, or something sudden and unexpected has come up, such as being taken into hospital, or a death in the family, you might want to consider applying for mitigation. But make sure you do so before the deadline, which is five working days after your assignment is due, or exam date. Once the deadline has passed you cannot apply for mitigation. This is something ARU Students’ Union Advice Service can advise you on, however, we cannot approve this. If mitigation is the way you want to go, make an appointment to see the university advisors (not us!) as they have the powers to deal with your claim, and send it to a mitigation panel. But we are more than happy to help you out, so please come see us as well if you need help.


However, we can help you with late mitigation! That’s when you miss the cut off point for mitigation, which is five days after your assignment deadline.


You might also find Study Skills Plus a useful resource for improving on your academic skills and helping you out on the skills you feel you might want to improve.



If there’s anything you need support with, and you’re not sure where to turn, ARU Students’ Union Advice Service is here for you.




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