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Accommodation Update

An update from your Officer Team on the accommodation issues that many of you are facing.

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Dear ARU Students, 

We are aware of the difficulties and stress faced by many of you because of accommodation during this third lockdown. The steps taken by the University and Students’ Union are:

  1. The University’s Accommodation Team has already issued a rent waiver for students in university accommodation who were unable to return to their rooms.
  1. The SU and the University have written a letter to private and nomination halls to request that they also provide rent waiver for students who were unable to return to their accommodations because of the current lockdown. We believe it is unfair to all those who are affected and increases financial burden on our students.

If you are in a position where you cannot pay your rent, then we may be able to help you. The ARU Covid-19 Hardship Funds can help students who are unable to pay their rent. More information of the new funds can be found here.

If any student are not sure which funds they should apply for, or have an urgent needs, they can contact the ARU Money Advice Team at or 01245686700 for further guidance.

We will continue to work for students’ best interest and will make sure you are informed of our next steps.

Your Officer Team


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