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Feeling under pressure due to exam and assessment session?

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Your officer Mary Copsey has written an article on how to look after your mind and body during your assessment period. 

It is really important to look after yourselves while studying this winter and you can achieve this in 5 simple steps:

1)         Seek help on assignments from academic staff and support services. You can get guidance on the content you need to revise or get direction on sources you can use for your assignments by speaking to your lecturer and subject librarian.


2)         Getting enough sleep – I get it, you may stay up till 4 am studying and then wake back up at 8 am (or maybe that was just me). However, sleep is really important for your concentration levels and lack of sleep could impact how productive you are. If you like studying through the night or throughout the day maybe look at scheduling a power nap! And try and aim for 6-8hours sleep a night.


3)         Eating and drinking – When you study, you need to make sure you’ve got the nutrients you need to power through. It can be easy to either overeat or miss meals when you’re in a time crunch, that’s why you should set reminders on your phone or laptop to help you break down the day and remind yourself to eat and drink. I also highly recommend making a packed lunch and taking into uni with you and that way you are set for the day! Note – If you bring any food that requires a microwave don’t forget we have one in our SU spaces as well as taps and a kettle to refill your hot/cold drinks bottles.     


4)        Lack of motivation to study – feeling low or lacking the motivation to study is a common problem student’s face. It can be caused by trying to juggle too many deadlines at once, not eating well or unhealthy sleep habits. If you feel slightly overwhelmed try and break down your studying into manageable and realistic chunks. Put together a to-do list and rank items in order of priority. When you cross off items – it’ll feel like you’ve really accomplished something! Studying with a friend or course mates can also help you can encourage each other in getting the work done.  Please don’t suffer in silence your union and university are here to support you throughout your journey, so please, reach out if you need any further support.


5)       Self-care is SUPER important and we are here to help! - The ARUmindful project aims to support student mental health by providing tools to evoke mindfulness. We hope to enable student wellbeing by creating an ARUmindful tool kit that will be placed in your SU spaces and the SU advice and counselling and wellbeing waiting rooms.


To further support your health and wellbeing, Mary is running two mindfulness sessions on 28th November in Chelmsford and 4th December in Cambridge. Please click on the links to find out more! #ARUmindful.


This project is part of the wider team campaign called “Break-the-Cycle”, which aims to take action to support student mental health.



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